• The Riverdale Country School
  • Riverdale's curricular and co-curricular programs are designed to strengthen character skills through challenging and engaging academic work, mentoring relationships that build self-awareness and respect for the ideas and needs of others, and opportunities for exploration and community service to help students find how they can make a difference in the world.
    • 2 campuses, both in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx.
    • 1,140 students in PreK-Grade 12
      • 375 in the Lower School
      • 260 in the Middle School
      • 505 in the Upper School
        • 50% boys, 50% girls
        • 33% students of color
        • 104 zip codes represented (65% Manhattan, 20% Bronx, 10% Westchester, 5% NJ, Brooklyn, Queens, and CT combined)
    • Total Educational Costs for 2015-2016 for Students in PreK-12th Grade
      • Tuition: $40,660
      • Books, Supplies, Trips, Technology, Food, Facilities & Energy: $7,000
      • Total Costs: $47,660 (includes school lunch, all books and materials, but not transportation or after school care)
  • Horace Mann School
  • In pursuit of its mission the Horace Mann community is guided by five core values, each of which is given its foundational meaning in developmentally appropriate ways throughout our students’ years on campus. We recognize as our core values: the Life of the Mind, Mature Behavior, Mutual Respect, a Secure and Healthful Environment, and a Balance between Individual Achievement and a Caring Community. These five core values govern the implementation of our curriculum and programs across all divisions of Horace Mann School.
    • Main campus in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, nursery school in Manhattan, plus 275 acre outdoor education center (the John Dorr Nature Laboratory) in Bethlehem, Connecticut
    • 1792 students in Nursery through Twelfth Grades
      • 143 at the Nursery Division in Manhattan, 3 year olds, pre-kindergarten & kindergarten
      • 465 at the Lower Division, kindergarten through grade 5
      • 438 in the Middle Division, grades 6 through 8
      • 746 in the Upper Division, grades 9 through 12
      • 186 is the average senior class size
    • 38% students of color
    • 3 trimesters = 1 academic year
    • Tuition Schedule, 2015-2016 Academic Year
      • Threes Program, Mornings or Afternoons: $32,300
      • Threes Program Full Days; Pre-K - 12: $45,000
        • Plus: Parent Association Dues of $80, an Activity Fee of $125, and a Facility Improvement fee of $750 for Nursery and Lower Division students/$900 for Middle and Upper Division Students.
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
    • Ethical Learning: The exploration of what it means to be an ethical and responsible member of society forms the core of our curriculum and our school community. We value inclusion as well as economic and racial diversity. We honor all of our students for their unique contributions, cultural background, and beliefs. As we consider service to be critical to the development of character, we incorporate community service into the children’s school experience from the earliest grades.
    • Academic Excellence: Our school achieves academic excellence by challenging students to reach their highest potential in body, mind, and spirit through the humanities, the sciences, the arts, and physical education. The students become active learners and engage in vital discourse in a community of dedicated teachers and an atmosphere of intellectual discipline and creativity.
    • Progressive Education: Through a curriculum rooted in the tenets of progressive education, students become independent thinkers as they learn that asking their own questions and seeking their own answers provides the key to the deepest kind of understanding. Cooperative, student-centered, discussion-based learning and the freedom to make mistakes are part of our students’ everyday lives.
      • 1700 students in four divisions
        • Ethical Culture (Pre-K - 5), Fieldston Lower (Pre-K - 5), Fieldston Middle (6-8), and Fieldston Upper (9-12)
        • Ethical Culture is located on Manhattan's Upper West Side on Central Park West, in a six-story, turn-of-the-century school building; the other divisions share an 18-acre campus in the Riverdale section of the Bronx
          • 34% are students of color
      • Tuition Schedule, 2015-2016 Academic Year
        • All divisions: $45,100
          • Fieldston Lower and Ethical Culture: Tuition includes books, supplies, lunch, and student accident insurance.
          • Fieldston Middle and Upper: Tuition includes lunch, the yearbook, and student accident insurance. Students pay for books, supplies, and other expenses related to their courses.

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